Friday, January 16, 2009

My week......

I just wanted to give an update on my life.... I hope (keep your fingers crossed) that my computer is back up and running this weekend. I mistakenly clicked on the wrong thing while chatting with my darling sisters, who of course say it serves me right for not giving them (on 3 way none the less) my undivided attention. So for the last 3 weeks (give or take)I have only been able to get on at work. Which is a task in itself.
This week has been a roller coaster, started out great and went drastically down hill. On the weight loss front, I have worked out 4 times this week. (Yeah me) I forgot to weigh before I left work but I will on Tuesday and will update everyone then. Those who don't know I work for LPL/UVEST, we are a third party broker dealer. So I work with stock brokers all day. It is no secret that right now the market stinks, so it is a barrel of fun. Anyway we are playing a game at work where we all started out this month with a portfolio of $500,000 (Pretend money of course) and whoever has the most money on March 31st will win a day off. Sounds like fun right... well it is, but I have made some risky choices, for example I decided to buy alot (like almost 20,000 shares) of Circuit City stock last week since it was at .47 and still going up. Well today I have lost on that particular position around $90,000 since they announced they are out of business so it closed at .03, all I can say is thank goodness it is not real money. One of the guys at work (Mike) said that based on my recent decisions that I should do the opposite of what I think I should.
But the worst was yesterday when some of my dear friends at work were laid off. It was so sad. I wanted to cry all day. I would have taken a pay cut if it meant my friends could have kept their jobs. I pray that everyone across the country who is unemployed find employment, I also pray that they know that if they trust God he will supply all your needs.


The Golf Widow said...

You should know to always buy TARGET!!! hehe

Paula said...

I have had a rough week too. We have to keep our chins up all four of

Stock worth buying?...I know nothing but lets see...slim fast? lol

Unknown said...