Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What inspired me to blog?

On April 8th, my sister sent me an email that changed my life and introduced me to Blogs. In her email she told me about a blog she had been reading for quite sometime, it was a blog that is written by Angie Smith the wife of Todd Smith the Christian singer with the group Selah. I have always loved Selah so I thought why not. On the day I began reading it I was hooked, I new that Angie and Todd's 4th daughter had just been born. Being the type of person who would never want to ruin the story started at the very beginning, It was like I could not put the book down. Angie is an exceptional writer and I now feel like she is one of my sisters even though we have never actually met. I know she would fit right in. I would read it at work and would be in tears.My co workers who of course I shared the blog with would always say are you still reading "the blog". I would stay late because I could not stop reading. I felt like I was with Angie through it all and I had to catch up to the present day. I would not suggest reading the whole blog in such a short period of time due to how emotional it is. I actually grieved deeply for the Smith family. My sister at first felt like she should not have shared it due to my grief, but I am glad she did. I only say that because, as I am sure anyone who has read it felt all of the pain Angie felt. As a mother my heart broke for her, but I also understood how she felt and I know she is much stronger because of precious Audrey Caroline. I can't wait to oneday meet the precious Angel that changed the world. I hope to oneday also meet Angie (my adopted sister, I wish) as I need to hug her. Not to mention she would fit right into our family. I am the oldest of 3 girls. Heather and I already talk about her and laugh at the stories like they are our family. So, Angie if you ever read this, the next time you are in Charlotte, we would love to meet you. All of this to say, I have now decided to start my on blog. I will try to post again soon and I will try to keep it fun.